Our Motto

Your health is in the products that we provide from the finest international companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and maintain reliable medical equipment for the healthcare system of the community in a convenient, effective and efficient manner.

Our Vision

To always, be at the forefront of healthcare development, as our organization provides an innovative and integrated model of medical equipment delivery, services, and operation. We are still more aware than ever of the important role our company plays in meeting patient needs and the importance of being able to keep our promise every time.

Core Values

Professionalism, integrity, mutual respect, Timely response and delivery, Credibility in customer service

what we do ?

Our services:

Supplying medical devices (cardiac, surgical, and anesthetic) - Preparing laboratory equipment, raw materials and operational solutions - Preparing the imaging equipment (resonance, scanner, x-ray) - Supplying furniture and consumables for hospitals - Supplying and installing equipment, advising and training customers on its use. - Rehabilitation of clinics sites, government and private hospitals.

Our Objectives:

Ensuring that sales are efficient and effective and distribute diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, laboratory devices and medical tools to our customers - Coordination with Iraqi hospitals, World Health Organizations and other partners to promote and implement health care policies and services - Ensuring availability of cost effective, high quality and safe medical supplies - Advising customers on high quality products in the market which are known and registered - Providing the latest high quality products to customers - Providing technical advice and training to our clients

Our National Advantage:

We are a company officially recognized by government departments. - Cooperating with global partnerships to ensure that we get the best products at the best prices. - Prompt delivery and installation. - Practical and theoretical training and advice. - Competitive prices. - Leading brands. - Technical support.

Modern equipment in operating room. Medical devices for neurosurgery. Background

Why Choose Us ?

Modern equipment in operating room. Medical devices for neurosurgery. Background


We are the specialist provider to many hospitals across the country with a proven record of accomplishment and years of experience

Quick Action:

Our solutions are trusted by the country's health system. Our rapid expansion has given us the speed and quest to quickly assess each new situation and quickly find appropriate solutions, based on a diverse set of experience.


When it comes to healthcare, we do not believe in taking shortcuts. Maintenance software and equipment are designed to ensure not only strict compliance with instructions, but also the highest operating standards. When that matters to you, you should be able to rely on our systems.


Our specialization and the scope of our work practice give us easy access to an excellent price. We are experts in creating operational efficiency, saving money in practice as well as in purchasing. Our team is knowledgeable enough to meet your needs for medical and laboratory equipment.

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