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Our Vision To always, be at the forefront of healthcare development, as our organization provides an innovative and integrated model of medical equipment delivery, services, and operation. We are still more aware than ever of the important role our company plays in meeting patient needs and the importance of being able to keep our promise every time.



Abraj Al-Hayat is a company characterized by a highly experienced and efficient team with a long history in the field of supplying, maintaining and installing medical diagnostic, laboratory, and therapeutic devices and medical supplies since 2010 with the successful management system and our distinguished staff, we have achieved our most important success, which is the satisfaction of our customers. Alrayan Company is a private company duly registered and fully compliant with the requirements of the Iraqi state departments in terms of taxes, customs duties, and other fees. Our continuous passion to reach the highest levels of professionalism and quality has made our company a locally recognized and well-established name. Over the years, we have been able to reach a valuation of time and quality and excellence, where it is competitive advantage necessary for each organization that aims to thrive, and this is why I guarantee keep updating our systems and relationships to offer you what is best and in a timely manner in order to benefit. In the current global economy, any organization or company that operates in isolation from the rest of the companies or institutions is considered to have a limited scope for success and prosperity. This is the reason for our partnership with certified and vital distribution and manufacturing companies in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Russia to meet the huge demands. We are readily and timely ready to provide services and products to enable you to meet your healthcare needs and implement the national healthcare system.

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Easy Steps to Get Your Solution


We have experts at your disposal to help you find the most suitable solutions.


Both our marketing team and other specialists can provide training courses and give detailed information regarding the use of the products.


Our sales team offers its expertise on all issues or questions you may have.


Our local sales force meets the needs of local authorities and introducing our products.


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Abraj Al Hayat masters in its unparalleled work in order to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, as it has a database for 11 years, starting from small public and private hospitals to medical clinics. We are committed to maintaining a culture of openness, safety, cleanliness, creativity and respect. Success is long-term customer satisfaction and our focus is on managing and mitigating risks across the lifecycle of medical devices. This includes equipment warranty compliant with relevant standards, equipment repair, consulting and management. Alrayan Company strives to exceed customers' expectations and to support and implement continuous improvement. The cornerstone of our activities that distinguishes us from our competitors is knowledge, education, experience, ability, reliability, accountability, reliability, and ability to deliver in time. We act in a socially responsible manner with honesty and integrity. We are highly accepting of change, recognizing that innovation is our source towards innovation. We are aware of the role of priority quality, as defined by our customers so as we evolve, the needs of our customers must always come first. Technology, teamwork and our collective creative skills allow us to improve our work, adapt to the market and achieve competitive advantage. Our services are about the effective management of customer risk in terms of cost, and this ensures that we remain at the forefront for the benefit of all our customers.

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Our Experience

We have been time tested and our ability to deliver is demonstrated by the professional experience of our team/employees, the tasks we have completed and our authorized clients. Our company has developed and grown from a simple company to a reputable company, and the number of its customers has increased from tens to hundreds so far. Customers are the backbone of our business and that is why we always value, respect and prioritize the satisfaction of our customers. We acknowledge the contribution of our valued customers, and we have to guarantee them valuable support.

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